The perfect soultion would be to find something that provides a full workflow from develoment to production. Having this, we would only have to worry about "where" to place our application and deploy there getting metrics of the whole process to find improvement areas. All of this leading to, more profitability.

Tinkerware focus is to keep track of every phase involved in the development and launch process of your application gathering insights along the way. From Developmet to Production.

This way, we can provide consistent, isolated and automatic environments in which we can rely while implementing new features. This way, Tinkerware simplifies a lot the complexity of your application configuration among multiple environments to be more efficient.

Also, proficiency reports are created constantly to promote a continuous improvement culture to be able to take the best desicion for your company.


To think about automatic deployments is very attractive to developers and companies because manual tasks are reduced to increase productivity, they get insights to take better decisions, and you can achieve your goals faster with DevOps and Continuous Improvement

There's no need to struggle with complex processes of deployment or trying to find out how to be better. Just look for "one click" deployments.