If you're planning on releasing new things on Friday, my advice is: Don't. :)

Culture is a very important part in Tech Development. Arguably, the most. It has a LOT of aspects so, being Friday today, I'll just going to focus on: Don't release on Fridays.

I'm glad everyone is moving forward with cloud techs and MVP relases and I thought to share also views about it.

Let me explain myself.

First of all, I'm speaking mainly about new Software Releases / Deploys to your cloud/in-house infrastructure, but this apply in other areas as well.

When dealing with changes, there's always the possibility of breaking something (Hopefully not all of it, but YES. It happen more offten than you think). And let's face it, for a lot of people, Friday is a day to relax and reduce stress.

If we manage to have low stress rates for engieneers, productivity will increase exponentialy and the working environment will feel safer and more cooperative. These are key ingredients for succes.

Now, let's assume that you decide to launch new releases even if some random guy adviced you not to.

The common story of something breaking badly can go from all good to instant chaos or it could something like:

  1. Well, it's Friday. Let's get done with this after a tough week.
  2. I'll click the _launch_ button. Oops something minor broke.
  3. I fixed it. I'll re-launch. Ooooops. I broke something bigger that I didn't think about.
  4. ...and so on

(There are of course ways to prevent all of this. I hope to share tips in the future. )

This leads to a path full of patches, people working extra hours, on weekends, on call rotations and increasing stress in the long term, which eventually lead to high levels of people rotation and low levels of commitment and satisfaction.

That escalated quickly, huh?

That of couse won't happen in one day, but Culture practices develop by themselves and we need to pay attention to them, otherwise, the way back to best practices in culture is way harder.

What can you do instead of relasing on Friday?

1. Plan your release for Monday when everyone is fresher.
2. Use Fridays for retrospective meetings. AKA. What could we do better?
3. Execute fun activities with important goals behind so people can work better together.
4. _______ < fill with something that suits you and brings motivation.

Cheers! Happy Weekend.


-Engineering culture in organizations/Gideon Kunda

-Creating a Software Engineering Culture/Karl Wiegers