DevOps is not a word that's constantly heard, or that we use for conversations, unless you work at TinkerWare ;).

Don't worry, let's learn together or at least make it easier to understand.

What does DevOps mean?

There are several definitions for DevOps, but the simplest thing is to say that DevOps is an acronym in English of Development and Operations.It is the combination of two worlds combines Software developers and server operations.

DevOps is the continuity of agile software development, empowering the agility of software development companies with DevOps practices and engineers.


Not clear yet?

Okay! Let's make another sense, we could say that devops is a culture, a methodology of good practices that automates the flow of development in the business system to achieve continuous integration and delivery, increasing profitability and reducing failures.

For example Let's put a normal scenario where DevOps donesn't exist.

The Development team is constantly unaware of the obstacles from the Operations team that prevent software from running as it is supposed to. Teams have opposite goals that can end in inefficiency and conflict between two departments.


Where does DevOps come in?

DevOps improves collaboration between participatory parties in the project. From planning, to process, to automation, to delivery.

DevOps takes on these challenges, sets up teams to share the responsibility of maintaining the system that runs the software and preparing it to give it higher quality and reduce problems to give greater automation.