Story of Devops

Ready for the story? ...

Once upon a time, two children, one of them was called Devan (Development) and the other was called Operto (Operations), these children grew up and became two great professionals in technology.

It turns out that by coincidences of life came to work for the same company, but in different areas totally isolated from each other.

Devan's main job in the company was always to innovate, it produce new products very quickly and also that products must be in accordance with the new trends.

On the other hand, Operto, had implement, configure and optimize the resources for the correct use of code, and his job was to keep this code stable.

When Devan was creating a code package, it was send to Operto. He delivered the code through a slit in the Operto office, without ever see to Operto. They both knew that they existed and what they did, but they never saw each other.

Operto had to implement the code in a production environment. But there were constantly errors, and in the absence of that communication between them, there began to exist problems between both departments, but they were never faced, remaining as office gossip.

These misunderstandings began to harm the company because it delayed the output of the product and at the same time made them lose money.

One fine day, the company offered a party for all its employees, which led to the encounter of Devan and Operto. After a few drinks, they could clarify those misunderstandings and failures that they had between departments, and among many talks, they came up with an idea: Why not bring both departments together? or why not, even better, create a company of both departments?

And so it was, the next day Devan and Operto decided to get together to launch the two great ideas that emerged from the night before.

They decided to start with a simple step, encourage communication between both, put their assets in common, automate their processes and as a result of the facilitation, continuous integration and feedback.
This is how they decided to create their own DevOps company, and began to give benefits to their customers as a greater flow, quality in their processes, increased production and lower costs.

Devan and Orto lived with their company happily ever after...


@Estefania Muro