DevOps: Explanation for "simple mortals" Part1

DevOps is not a word that's constantly heard, or that we use for conversations, unless you work at TinkerWare ;).

But if you're a simple mortal, don't worry, let's learn together or at least make it easier to understand.

1.-First of all: Welcome to the technological era!

It reached us! That's right, technological advances are part of our daily lives. There's no going back, look around you, we are surrounded by robots (cell phones, computers, tablet televisions etc ...)
You have to accept them, and to do so, you have to understand it. It is important as human beings in constant evolution to be informed and updated in the new trends (We never know when they could be used).

2.- What does DevOps mean?

There are several definitions for DevOps, but the simplest thing is to say that DevOps is an acronym in English of Development and Operations.
It is the combination of two worlds combines Software developers and server operations.

Not clear yet ?, Do you want a story? Check the second part of this blog ...