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How to Use MySQL with Your Projects in 2 mins. MyDevOp

Add MySQL to any Project in 2 minutes Local+Staging Environments.

Configuring for each environment

  • Enable MySQL Database and click on configuration


At the bottom of the configurations page, you will see the tabs according to each environment you have you have. Go through configuration

  • Add A database and authorized users for it.

Once your're done click on the Save Button

That's it!

  • On the Project page, click Deploy to see the project live on your new Staging Environment. It'll take around 3 mins to finish the setup and you'll get the IP for your Env.

  • Download your local environment. You can use our CLI as well.




From the CLI


Go ahead throwing tons of lines of code!

Check our guide on "Local+Stage Sync on 3 steps" to sync Local and Staging Envs!.

Access your Database normally from inside the server or remotely with any provider.

mysql -u my_user -p
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