Software development sector is really big and most of the industries have a reliance to software of their own. While some industries are fine with just outsourcing that kind of job, to have an in-house development team is also common. And for the most part when there is someone capable and leading the good practices the project will have a solid foundation. But at some point with a growing project there are also signs that the process should be better or in a near future things will need to change to sustain the growing project, maintaining all the old infrastructure and not dying from technical debt. And here are some signs that integration devops practices can help on your venture:

Deployments and Operations Team

When there are several application deployments scheduled to be released, and the bottleneck are your operations engineers. The point of agile methodologies is to quickly develop and deploy new features, so the deploy to the production environment should be as agile as your methodologies.


When you hear often “but it worked on my local”, or there is also the case that it works in production, nobody knows how or why, but hey! It works! Replicability is a very important attribute that needs to be implemented and worked towards, because one way of another to produce a continuous integration pipeline. For example, if you are using jenkins or buildbot you are going to need replicable steps to generate the builds for your flow.


When there is only one testing environment, you have several teams developing new features for the same project, and their work is often delayed because the testing environment is being used. The way you should strive for is for your testing to be done in a short while and without relying on someone else to do it. That where software testing automation appears and should be part of the continuous integration flow.


When you can not reproduce your current production environment, well yeah this is fine, it is operational and all... but c’mon. If for some reason it stops working how are you going to reproduce the bug to know the cause. And programming in production, we hope, we can agree that it is not a good idea and should not be the option.


When your software developers need to execute a long list of commands just so that they can test their code on the staging environment. Well yes it works, but is highly inefficient. Part of devops is also creating tools to facilitate the workflow a put as little overhead on the software developer as needed.