The 5 values were created after a long time of working together as a team. We discovered we've forged a culture without even noticing. This kind of situations make you realize that the team is moving forward. We managed to create an environment that connects us... by accident?

Culture in our Team
Culture in our Team

To Tinker

What does Tinker mean? Nope, It's not that fancy horse that will show up if you google for that. Not either that small fairy that helps Peter Pan on his adventures... hmm maybe something similar, though.

To tinker means to be able to build something new. It means to be creative to transform, improve and share. Always aiming make life easier. It's just a matter of taking a look around and taking the time to think big.

Tinkerware's 5 Values

Where did they came from?
Culture, as you know, starts shaping thanks to every member on a team and every experience involved.

We discovered that our values were already there. Because we were capable of finding a bonding group of people ready to solve new challenges and growing together.

This is what we found out:


“Learn, grow and share the knowledge”

At Tinkerware we're a bunch of geeks and hackers... Why?
"Geek" and "Hacker" are very related words. People usually relates these terms to deep technology but they're mostly related to the curiosity and the crave to keep learning new skills.

Multifunctional teams are created this way. Combining geek forces. That's why our sales geek can come up with numbers and strategies, our culture geeks with activities and bonding powers, and of course our tech geeks with techie stuff.


"Think in an original and practical way

Have you ever watched Mission Impossible movies?

Take a moment to think about all the creativity required to even consider as a good idea to drop Ethan Hunt silently from the ceiling with a cable to steal some intel. How many crazy people do you require to do something like that?

Acutally it's just about the idea, and the support it gets.

The same happens in a company, no matter how bit it is. Ideas matter and literally any idea could be executed no matter how "crazy" it may sound at the beginning.

Take 2 minutes to watch this Ted Talk that we really enjoy about starting a movement. Check it out! It's both funny and interesting.

Creativity - How to start a movement


“Improve, share and create to be a great part of this world”

Thinking outside of the box requires practice and motivation.
Actually, Innovation and Motivation go together in a special way. They even sound alike. They both feed mutually, so try practicing both every day.

I'd say innovation comes from how crazy you may be, and how many activities you like to hack. At Tinkerware, for example, we have people who enjoys not only videogames, also riding bikes, learning languages, cooking, fixing cars, making art, fighting, dancing, learning history, reading books, playing music.......

This helps us to be able to connect multiple situations on our lives to come up with new ideas that we can apply to our goal: Grow a company.

Have you ever heard about AMP(Autonomy - Mastery - Purpose). Daniel Pink's vision about motivation and his framework is written in this article Totally recommended.


“We want to be better and help others to get the best out of them”

Knowing everything aboyt a topic it's not enough. To share and to guide people to also learn as much as we do is a key element to grow not only a team, but to improve the community and our surroundings.

There are multiple types of Leadership, as you should already know. The way we like to do it at Tinkerware is having owners for activities and tasks. Each one is free to grow the activity as much as desired and to involve other people as much as desired. Then, the owner guides the way until we achieve the goal, and of course we are free to brainstorm as much as we like with the owner. As mentioned before. There's no such thing as a crazy idea.

We've realized that this method also helps growing a Generative Culture in the company. AKA: Performance oriented.
If you want to learn more about what kind of company culture you may have, check out the Westrum model.

You can find more info here:


“Talk with honesty, think with sincerity, act with integrity”

This one is funny. As any "normal" company, we started with missunderstandings, try to connect and find out what was our main goal, and understanding how everyone communicates in a different way. AKA. "We're saying the same thing and even so, we're still fighting...Why? Who the hell knows? " ... I never got these situations. But they happen and are funny... only looking back at them.

It doesn't end there. Try to explain "DevOps" and it's benefits to people in 2015 and you'll get something close to "Sounds kind of cool.. Now I'll go back to do what I already know". Even now, we still don't really have a realiable explanation.

That's why we find out that working and practicing the way we communicate is essential to improve how we:


Culture is one of the most important yet hidden assets your team posseses. That's why it really matters to dedicate time to define the culture, develop it and keep spreading it.

If your company has their values already defined: What are you doing to grow them and spread them?

If you don't have yet defined your culture and values it could be one of both:

  1. Your team is still getting maturing (The team nevers stops maturing)
  2. You haven't given enough time to think about what defines your team.

Give it a try! Defining your culture will help you to take decisions faster and easier. Not only about your team. Also about your clients and partners. Do they share your vision? Your style of working? The details matter.

Our Team
Our Team