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Using the CLI in projects. Local environment

Let's connect one of our local environments with it's staging env.

The CLI can be found on the platform on the respective button on any created project:


Create a project

First of all make sure you're logged in.

jhon@office# tinker log

Fetch your current available projects.

jhon@office# tinker fetch

You should see your projects as in the platform:


Now you can create any of those.

jhon@office# tinker create yii2-advanced

Follow the instructions. A folder will be created.

Run a project

jhon@office# cd yii2-advanced && tinker run yii2-advanced

It'll take around 5 minutes to set everything up the first time.
After that, it takes around 20 seconds.

Wait until it's finished and visit on your browser

Connect Local Env and Staging

Run this command to connect your Local environment with your Staging environmnet

jhon@office# tinker setup yii2-advanced

You're all set!

Now you can run

jhon@office# tinker push tinkerware_test

And your changes of your local environent will be reflected to your cloud Staging environment fully functional. Worry no more.