What about Tinkerware?

Anyone who writes code, does it for a reason: to use the code.

At least the following tasks are needed:

...a lot of times it's hard to find the time to do all this.

These steps are the difference between creating a great
service used by a lot of people
and having a time bomb ticking . . . . .

Other times, having an expert to perform all these tasks is not an option
since it gets expensive, so why not making these configurations easy for you
and let you handle your own server with freedom with the posibility of growth?

You can achieve this with environments and going more Serverless.

That project you created in your computer is your developent stage and it can
be replicated with improvements to be the production server. That way, any time
you want to add more functionality, it won't be a problem.

The deploy won't even be a deploy. It'd be a transparent and easy replication
by then and you will have your own server at your disposal at any time if you need it.

We stated creating a Platform that was taking care of this. It used to work smoothly but it was too much by the time when the term "DevOps" was just starting... And speaking about CI/CD and environments done by a platform was not clear to everyone.

And another thing. Try to be profitable from scratch with a platform. If you find the recipe, please contact me at alfonso@tinkerware.io . :)

Now, we help companies with all the experiece we've aquired about cloud providers, automation and culture. Check those posts in our blog. We've learned that sharing our experience in multiple topics it's useful for other companies.

Right now we provide:

Feel free to reach us anytime!

[Deprecated] But how did the platform work?

You'd basically do 4 things:

  1. Log in with your account.
  2. Select what you want to be installed in your server/project.
  3. Select existing code if any.
  4. Enjoy! Your code should be working now.

After that you'll get:

Some of the modules to complement your server would include:

We're cururrently developing the base of all this functionality which is ready for
Beta testers. Got to our Landing Page and request and invite!

All of this gets automated for your easier management (and ours too), that's
why we will be adding more modules, features and cool stuff depending on how
the users guide us.

Feel free to contact us at team@tinkerware.io and subscribe to our waiting list

Worry about servers no more.